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A picture tells a story

Come take a journey: One that takes you through my visions through a camera lens. Most of my pictures tell a story. They say a picture can tell you a thousand words. Although I would like to think they also capture a moment in time. Check out the picture galleries to the right and the description of each of them below. There are links and updates will be posted often!

about my galleries

What do I like to take pictures of? Some of the work I do includes:

Portraits and Special Occasions: Portraits People, Engagements, Kids, Teens, Tweens, Weddings or just general portraits.

Nature: Landscapes, Animals, Insects, Waterfalls

Cars: Classic and modern cars. Cars are an art and a tradition here.

Architecture and Street Photography:: Cityscapes, Street Scenes, and Buildings

Concerts: Rock n Roll at it's best!

The Moon: Shots of our moon


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